Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Get Hard, photo

Three questions for Get Hard stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart teaches Will Ferrell the ins and outs of prison life in the comedy Get Hard, which opens in Cineplex theatres this Friday.  We visited the set of the movie to ask the actors three questions about their new film.  

See what they had to say now:


CINEPLEX: What’s the movie about?

WILL FERRELL: “The film is about my character, James King, who is basically brought up on charges of embezzlement. He’s a very top-notch, high-earning member of the financial world and he’s been accused of embezzling $200-million from his company. He gets convicted. The judge is sick of people like me going to the country club prisons and he throws the book at me, sentences me to 10 years in San Quentin. Now, I meet Darnell [Kevin Hart]. He’s just a guy trying to get by.... We meet one day — even though he works in my building and we’ve passed each other countless times — and I naturally assume that he has a prison record and offer him $30,000 to train me in how to go to prison.”

KEVIN HART: “And being that I don’t have a prison record — I’ve never been at all — but me being in the position I’m in in life, I see an opportunity the same way he sees an opportunity. So what I decided to do was to take advantage of a person who thought they were taking advantage of me…. And I train this guy. But in training him I figure out this guy isn’t really an a--hole…. This guy actually is just disconnected with a certain portion of life, so in doing so I try to make him aware of his situation and what it could be.”


What can you tell us about the costume James wears when he goes to meet Darnell’s cousin?

WF: “Another aspect of Darnell’s training is James is going to be taken to a cousin who’s actually in a gang and hopefully there can be a discussion as to how he can receive protection on the inside. So James takes it upon himself to dress the part and comes out in a costume that would immediately get him beat up in a second. Pretty much Lil Wayne’s wardrobe line, pants hanging low. And James is very proud of it. He did a lot of research and he is very excited about how he looks.”

KH: “He’s happy; he can’t wait for me to see it.”


What was it like working together?

KH: “I can say the best thing about working with Will Ferrell is that I’m working with a guy that honestly I respect on such a different level. We can talk about comedy, we can talk about improvisation, we can talk about character acting. Will Ferrell is the top of that food chain, man. So to get the opportunity to work with him and jump in and really embrace two different sides of characterization, it’s a good thing.”

WF: “It’s funny that Kevin mentioned food chain because he is trying to devour me in the comedy world. This is all an attempt to slowly poison me at some point and get rid of me.”