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Top 8 tidbits from The Amazing Spider-Man Comic-Con panel

It was one of the most highly anticipated panels of Comic-Con 2011 and it did not disappoint. As the cast and director of Marvel's Spider-man re-imagining hit the stage in Hall H, the hordes of assembled fans (6500 people, to be exact) went crazy. From impassioned speeches from Andrew Garfield to brand new preview scenes to a terrifying reveal of the film's villain, The Amazing Spider-man took the audience on a ride from start to finish. Check out the panel highlights below:

1. Andrew Garfield starts the panel off with an emotional surprise!

The star showed up in a low-rent Spidey costume as part of the Hall H Audience, posing as an overenthusiastic fan of the comic character. But after the big reveal (i.e. he pulled off his mask), it became apparent that Garfield is a as much a dyed-in-the-wool fan as anyone else as he delivered a pre-written, heartfelt message about what Spider-man means both to him and fans around the world. He thanked Stan Lee, fans of the series, and everyone else he could think of for giving him the opportunity to take a chance with the beloved Marvel webslinger. He even appeared to even tear up as he told the crowd: "This is definitely the coolest moment of my life." It may not have been the most superhero of moments, but it definitely played well with the crowd and frankly, made everyone fall just a little bit harder for Spidey and the actor behind him. Check out the speech below:

2. Garfield addresses the "re-boot".

Why not acknowledge the giant elephant in the room right off the bat? Garfield did just that by copping to the fact that it's soon to return to the character but he explained he sees comic characters as modern day heroes, almost Shakespearean in their ability to open to many different visions and interpretations. We want them on their screens, we want to keep telling their stories and The Amazing Spider-Man is their take on this particularly popular comic character.

3. Music kept Spider-man and crew on their toes.

Director Marc Webb, Emma Stone and Garfield talked about the important part music played in setting the tone on set during shooting. Webb singled out Garfield's ecclectic tastes, everything from Sleigh Bells to Louis Prima, while Stone singled out Paul McCartney's Dance Tonight as the song that got them in the mood to swing. From webs and buildings, that is. The brand new preview footage shown to fans in Hall H also carried with it an impressive score, including Coldplay's Kingdom Come and The Rolling Stone's Street Fighting Man. Whether those big tracks make the final cut is up in the air.

4. The villain is revealed...then Spidey and Lizard hug it out.

Though all footage up to this point in the panel had been Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy focussed, Webb surprised everyone with the first 3-D footage of the film's main baddie, The Lizard. Actor Rhys Ifans stars as Dr. Curt Connors and though much of the footage is still in unfinished stages, fans got to see Connors in his lab, injecting himself with a supposed 'cure' to help him regenerate his missing limb, then disappearing into the sewer as things go horribly wrong. Cut to two young teens in a stall of a public restroom, gossiping as only tweens can. They hold a lighter to a photo of an ex-boyfriend but the flame goes out and they back out in fear as the toilet drops out from the floor. A giant reptilian arm pops out of the cavern, followed by Lizard himself, fully-transformed, leaping through the floor. He pins the girls to the wall and sticks his pointy lizard tongue in their terrified faces menacingly. After the clip, Ifans joined the assembled Spider-man crew in Hall H. The fans applauded as Ifans made his way to his seat, only to erupt in cheers as the actor stuck out his tongue at Garfield, Lizard-style, and then pulled the smaller actor in for a giant bear hug.

5. With the suit comes great responsibility...and authenticity.

Garfield, who copped to dressing up as Spider-man when he was 2, said he took a month to accept the massive role of Peter Parker. He worried about the responsibility of taking on such an iconic character and what it would mean for him, both professionally and emotionally. But until he actually put on the suit, the full weight of what was in store didn't really set in. Speaking of the suit, Webb addressed the changes in the make-up of the suit to inquiring fans. He wanted a realistic costume that looked like something a resourceful and smart high school student could actually pull together. And it looks good.

6. Garfield is Team Tobey.

When a fan asked the star if he went to his predecessor, Tobey Maguire, for any tips or advice, Garfield deadpanned that he talked to him every night. "He was like a hotline. Like a suicide hotline." But then he got serious and let fans in on a tidbit that had fans cheering: "No, I didn’t speak to him during shooting. I spoke to him after. But I did get an amazing message sent through Matt on the day that it was announced that I would take on the mantle of this suit that is greater than him or me. And he kind of gave me his blessing. Which he didn’t have to do.” Then Garfield declared himself solidly on Team Tobey.

7. Are the films darker? Well...maybe.

There have been rumours that Webb's take on the franchise would have a darker edge then Sam Raimi's Maguire films. While Webb doesn't think the label is completely justified, he did admit that he likes his superhero stories grounded in reality to give in more impact on physcial, emotional and esthetic levels. But humour and brevity is a part of why Peter Parker and his alter ego are so relatable, so he assured fans that the films will not be without a sense of fun.

Bonus hilarious moment:

8. Andrew Garfield asked a favour of the assembled Hall H fans. If they ever see his trainer, who ran the actor through a rigorous and "terrifying" 4-month regime, if they could kindly punch him in the face, he'd be grateful.

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