Beyond Chris Hemsworth's biceps: Top Five Reasons to watch Thor: Ragnarok

Beyond Chris Hemsworth's biceps: Top Five Reasons to watch Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok debuted late in 2017, but quickly became one of the most beloved movies of the year. We were stoked for this movie ever since we heard that New Zealander Taika Waititi was attached to direct the project – his involvement hinted that this might be a different take on the Marvel universe, and we’re happy to report that it’s true.

We’re huge fans of all the Marvel superhero movies; but this is truly a reimagined Thor, breaking apart the mythology we knew from Thor and Thor: The Dark World and bringing a new sensibility to the iconic hero.

There are a host of reasons why movie lovers should clear their schedule to watch this movie at home, now that it's available to stream; here’s our (spoiler-free) top five!

1. It’s fun

Thor has been kind of a more serious character in recent Avengers films, but in last summer’s Ghostbusters remake we learned that Chris Hemsworth can actually be quite funny! Happily, in Thor: Ragnarok the writers and director Taika Waititi have tapped into Hemsworth’s comic talents, and he – and other characters – will have you chuckling from the opening scene to the end credits. Even though the stakes are bigger than they’ve ever been, Thor: Ragnarok is not nearly as serious in tone as some other superhero movies; there’s still plenty of awesome action and emotional drama, but it has a lightness to it that makes it more, dare we say it, fun!

2. Epic battle scenes

The fight between Thor and Hulk that was teased in the trailers for this movie is truly one for the ages, but it’s actually just one of many epic battle scenes in this film that should be seen on the big screen to be truly appreciated. Director Taika Waititi doesn’t just have a knack for adding lightness and humour, he obviously also knows how to stage a fight for maximum excitement.

3. Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster

We’re just going to come out and say it: casting Jeff Goldblum in this movie as the mysterious and unpredictable Grandmaster, ruler of Sakaar and master of the Contest of Champions in which Thor must battle Hulk, was an act of genius. He takes what could easily be a workmanlike villain and infuses him with insouciant charm. His little asides, smirks, and winks make him a delight to watch and he steals nearly every scene he’s in!

4. Awesome supporting characters

Thor isn’t alone in his battle against Hela: by his side are an array of allies, including his fellow Avenger Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), his trickster brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and new characters Korg (Taika Waititi), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and more. They form “the Revengers” and while their battles are epic – especially their fight against the immensely powerful Hela – the chemistry between them is what makes this team-up truly a treat to watch. We sincerely hope that they’ll all be back together again soon on the big screen, but in the meantime, we can always watch Thor: Ragnarok again!

5. Cate Blanchett as Hela

We have to admit, we got chills when the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok revealed Hela as this movie’s Big Bad (those antlers)! We’re fans of Cate Blanchett's from way back, but in the midst of a great year for kickass females on film she proves she can definitely hold her own. Her turn as Hela is both chilling and actually fun to watch as she chews the scenery and rolls her eyes on her journey to take the throne and rule Asgard. What’s more, her role isn’t just a one-dimensional baddie - Hela peels back the curtain on the true origins of Asgard, making Thor question everything he thought he knew. It’s an amazing performance not to be missed.

6. Bonus reason: Cameos

If you watched Doctor Strange and stayed for the end of the main credits, you know that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Master of the Mystic Arts makes an appearance in this movie. But his cameo isn’t the only one; there are plenty of others, from surprises that will have you muttering, “is that who I think it is?” to the expected yet delightful (Stan Lee makes his usual witty appearance)!

Don’t deny yourself a fun superhero movie experience any longer. Watch the trailer below and click here to rent or buy! (And of course, watch until the very end of the credits!)