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Ah, the Oscars, that pop-culture event that celebrates those who’ve been involved with the most visionary, epic, moving and worthy films of the past year while making room for fashion faux-pas, awkward acceptance speeches and moments of sincere emotion.

In honour of the biggest night in movies, we're taking a fond look back at some of the Oscars' biggest, best and most notorious moments and want you to do the same for a chance to win big!

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Top Oscar Moments

Three6Mafia win Best Original Song - 2006

Memphis rap group Three6Mafia surprised, well everyone, when their brazenly-named song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won an Oscar for Best Original Song, beating out Dolly Parton and music from Paul Haggis' Crash in the process. The title track from Hustle & Flow looked at the seldom-discussed issues facing today's entrepreneurial Johns and had the whole place bobbing their heads to the beat. Dreams do come true.

Adrien Brody macks on Halle Berry - 2002

When little-known 29 year-old actor Adrien Brody won the 2002 Best Actor Oscar for his starring role in The Pianist, the brash young thing took full advantage of his moment in the spotlight and fulfilled many a man’s fantasy when he planted a powerful, celebratory wet one on unsuspecting presenter Halle Berry. The kicker? Teasing Berry with this line: “I bet they didn’t tell you that was in the gift bag!”

Jack Palance does one-armed push-ups...for some reason - 1991

The 72-year-old actor did a fine job of sending up his bad guy persona in City Slickers and proved he was still a force to be reckoned with when he accepted the 1991 Best Supporting Actor Oscar and shocking the audience when he started doing one-arm push-ups in a bid to prove his youthful vigor. Off-colour jokes about sex and a very casual, barely audible “thank you” made for a memorable Oscar moment.

Roberto Benigni wants to kiss everyone! - 1998

Italian actor-writer-director Roberto Benigni walked away with coveted Best Actor and Foreign Language Film prizes on Oscar night in 1998 but upon winning his second honour, Benigni was overcome with joy. He leapt up, perilously standing on the back of his seat, and proceeded to hop up the steps to accept the award from a flushed Sophia Loren. He shared his desire to kiss everyone and thanked the Academy for, wait for it, the “hailstorm of kindness” – but we know what he meant.

Angelina Jolie and her brother's PDA make the world squirm - 1999

While accepting her Best Supporting Actress award for her role as a wild and manipulative mental patient in Girl, Interrupted, Angelina surprised, and kinda creeped out, the viewing public by proclaiming her love for brother James. Dressed like Morticia Adams, she claimed to be “so in love with my brother right now” and open-lip kissed him in front of photogs and cameras – more than once. Who knew she would go on to become Mrs. Brad Pitt.

Ben Stiller goes all Joaquin Phoenix - 2009

While presenting the award for Best Cinematography with Natalie Portman, funnyman Stiller did a near-perfect impression of dazed and confused ex-actor Joaquin Phoenix, whose at-the-time recent appearance on David Letterman had many people asking if his new hirsute look and spacey approach was all an act. But Portman may have gotten the biggest laugh with this one-liner: "You look like you work in a Hassidic meth lab." Zing!

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