Will Forte is not laughing in Nebraska trailer

Will Forte is not laughing in Nebraska trailer

Actors flit from drama to comedy and everything in between but it's especially refreshing to see Will Forte, the SNL alum known for MacGruber silliness and playing Jenna Marone's cross-dressing Jenna impersonator boyfriend on "30 Rock" ditch the funnyguy routine and go for something closer to drama in the newest trailer for Alexander Payne's buzzy black-and-white Nebraska.

Not to mention seeing Bruce Dern, his white hair fuzzy and floating around his head as if he's been zapped by serious static, who hasn't been much of a major movie presence in years and who takes the lead as a boozehound who mistakenly believes he's won a million dollar in one of those mail-in sweepstakes ploys and enlists his son to join him on a road trip to, you guessed it, Nebraska, to collect his winnings. Dern won the best actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival when it premiered back in May so it's coming to theatres with a certain critically-approved sheen.

On the way there, word circulates about Woody Grant's (Dern) winnings and everyone wants a piece in the type of low-key movie that Payne excels at (see: The Desecendants, Sideways, Election).

Check out the trailer for Nebraska, co-starring Bob Odenkirk (Better call Saul!) and Stacy Keach, and opening November 15.

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