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Women are GIFs to mankind: Our favourite women in film

Today is International Women's Day, making it the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our favourite women in film.

Women's representation in film has always been a hot topic, but never moreso than now. Today, we want to celebrate women who are making waves in the film industry, who are using their platforms to fight for equality, and who simply make the world a better place.

Frances McDormand

Known for: Fargo, Moonrise Kingdom, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Why we love her: Frances McDormand is one of those actresses that is always at the top of her game. Further proof of this was the 2018 awards season, which ended on Sunday night when Frances won her second Oscar for playing a mother seeking justice for her daughter's death in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Frances made waves with each of her awards acceptance speeches, but she broke new ground when she introduced a worldwide audience, as well as her Hollywood peers, to a legal term called "inclusion rider". This essentially is a clause in an actor’s contract that requires the cast and crew be diverse in order to retain the actor. 



Known for: Being Oprah. Next see her in A Wrinkle in Time!

Why we love her: There is nobody in this world quite like Oprah. A pinnacle of the entertainment industry, Oprah has consistently shed light on issues that matter and people whose stories need to be told. We could go on and on about what Oprah has done not just as an entertainer, but in society, though that would be an essay itself. We want to highlight her recent speech at the Golden Globes where she was given the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, and used that moment to speak up for women and the #TimesUp movement. Anyone who watched that speech started thinking Oprah should be President, and while that may never happen, we'll always have her as a resounding voice that everyone can admire.


Gal Gadot

Known for: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman

Why we love her: It took far too long for the first woman superhero to headline her own film, especially considering how long Wonder Woman has been relevant in pop culture. We couldn't have imagined a better actress than Gal Gadot to step into the role, instantly making her a world-wide sensation and feminist icon. Wonder Woman was one of the most successful films of last year, proving that women can draw big box office. Gal has been an outspoken feminist and represents the core values that her alter-ego Diana Prince also stands for. 


Meryl Streep

Known for: Countless film roles, most recently, The Post

Why we love her: Possibly the most notable actress in our industry, this list would not be complete without Queen Meryl Streep. She's the exception when we talk about roles not being made for actresses over the age of 40, as at age 68, she is still consistently working, and consistently picking up Oscar nominations. Meryl is the actor that all actors aspire to be, and she also speaks out for causes, namely equal pay for women. 


Tiffany Haddish

Known for: Girls Trip, being hilarious

Why we love her: Tiffany Haddish broke onto the scene so loudly last year that even if you didn't see her performance in Girls Trip, you probably still know who she is. A black, female comedian who is quickly becoming known as one of the funniest people in all of Hollywood, we're going to be seeing so much more of Tiffany in the near future and we can not wait. She's insanely real, relatable, and the kind of icon we need right now. 


Natalie Portman

Known for: V for Vendetta, Black Swan, Annihilation

Why we love her: Natalie Portman has been one of our favourite leading ladies ever since she was a child. Always picking smart, sophisticated roles that allow her not just to shine, but to spread important messages, Portman is the kind of movie star that has always used her fame to be outspoken about issues, and in particular women's rights and the need for equality in the film industry. 


Jessica Chastain

Known for: The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, Molly's Game 

Why we love her: Jessica Chastain broke onto the scene only a few years ago, but she quickly became one of the most prominent and most talented actresses in Hollywood. That's not even half of the reason why we love her so much, as she's the rare celebrity who is totally authentic and outspoken on her social media accounts, constantly drawing attention to current issues that she stands by, and making it her mission to fight for women's equality. She consistently works with female directors and even launched her own production company, Freckle Films, to help raise womens' voices in film. 


Greta Gerwig

Known for: Frances Ha, 20th Century Women, Lady Bird

Why we love her: Greta Gerwig just became only the fifth woman to ever be nominated for the best director Oscar, which is a crazy statistic. The indie actress had already been writing films with her partner Noah Baumbach, including Frances Ha and Mistress America, but Greta proved her strong voice and vision when she made her directorial debut, Lady Bird, and it resonated not just with audiences, but with the Academy. Always modest and sincere, seeing Greta's success is bound to inspire countless young girls that their dreams are possible, and that their voices can be and will be heard in the film industry. 


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