Get set for awards season

The year’s best movie moments you need to see before Oscars® night. Plus, a rundown of wins to date, nominations, predictions and more.

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A Canadian viking

We talk to patriotic actor Jay Baruchel about sneaking his Canadian traits into Hiccup.

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More than just romance

Here are five ways Isn't it Romantic turns the conventional romcom genre on its head.

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Awesome attitude

Here's how to channel the positivity of Emmet from The Lego Movie 2 to help you get through the winter.

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More Must-Sees

Angel in the making

Director, Robert Rodriguez, on how he helped bring James Cameron's vision for Alita to life.

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Reading his mind

Taraji P. Henson tells us why her new comedy What Men Want is relevant in today's society.

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Rami Malek will rock you!

We spoke to the actor who embodies Mercury on how the role "changed him forever."

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The power of friendship

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen's on-screen chemistry is winning over audiences and is one to beat at the Oscars with five nominations.

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The secrets of Shyamalan

What gives an M Night. Shyamalan film its characteristic flair? Five style essentials in all his films, including his latest thriller Glass.

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Not your average period piece

Don't let the frilly costumes fool you, The Favourite redefines a genre with humour, quirks and some moments that might shock your mom.

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