Group Sales


Q: What is a group booking?
A: A group booking is any type of group of over 20 to 99 guests for a specific day, time and show. It is not a private screening or corporate event. You must have a contract from our Group Sales Department in order to receive the group rate.


Q: How many does a group need in order to get the group rate or be considered a "group"?
A: For regularly scheduled shows, a group is considered 20 to 99 people. For a private screening, you require at least 100 or more guests. If you do have 100 or more guests, theatres need at least 5 business days notice as these are scheduled at special times.

Q: What are the group prices?
A: Pricing varies by theatre location. You may contact us at or at 1-800-313-4461 for details on a specific theatre(s) of interest. For schools, day camps and daycares, we offer one free adult per every 20 kids/student admissions.

Q: Do theatres offer walk-in rates?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer any walk-in rates. They must book with our Group Sales department at least 3 business days in advance for regularly scheduled shows.

Q: Are seats reserved for group bookings?
A: No, unfortunately. We do not guarantee reserved seating and is always done on a "first come, first serve" basis at regularly scheduled shows for all bookings. It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time of the film to ensure that your group can sit together.

Q: How do I find showtimes so I can book a bus?
A: Theatre showtimes change on a weekly basis. Each week, new films open and old films leave so the schedule varies each week. We find out each and every Wednesday what comes out for a theatre’s Friday to Thursday playweek.

Q: How do you accept payment?
A: Payment must be done at the theatre in ONE LUMP SUM on the day of the event. You can pay by cash, credit card, debit card or school/company cheque. No personal cheques will be permitted for payment. We ask that one person be in charge regarding payment.

Q: What do I do if the attendance is higher/lower than what is noted on the contract?
A: You are always charged based on the actual attendance from the day of the event at the theatre. A contract is always an estimate and may not be the final total. We do allow a 10% difference but if there is a significant increase/decrease please contact Group Sales directly.

Q: Can I cancel a booking?
A: Our Cancellation Policy dictates that we need at least 5 business days notice or a 25% service charge will be issued. Unpredictable weather conditions and or transportation strikes will be not charged.

Q: How do I book a group?
A: To book your group, please feel free to contact us at or at 1-800-313-4461.

FAQ for Older Films

Q: How to we bring back older films?
A: You would contact our Group Sales Department at 1-800-313-4461 or at

Q: What if I do not have film in mind?
A: We can assist you with what may be suitable for your age group or if there is a specific genre of film you are looking for (documentary, holiday film, etc).

Q: Can I bring in my own DVD?
A: Unfortunately you cannot bring in your own DVD. All older films are obtained by film distributors and we must have approval to view the films in our theatres.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: The cost vary by location and film. Please contact for more information.

Q: Is there a minimum number of guests to show an older film?
A: No there is no minimum for an older film (some exceptions may apply). You are charged a flat rate regardless of how many guests you have although there is a maximum depending on the number of seats in the auditorium.